Fat Form rec

Arnaud is 26 years old, living near Strasbourg in France. Thanks to his geographical situation, very close to the boarders with Germany and Switzerland, and not far from Belgium, he is a long time party goer, discovering the electronic music in 1996, after a punk and hip-hop period. Seeker of the “vibration” as he likes to say it, he realized thanks to a good friend that the vibration definitely attends the down-tempo music, and since then has been a record collector. Seduced by the easy-going spirit floating around the chill-out he started spinning some records in local parties and quickly crossed the boarder to play in Germany, and Switzerland where the amount of parties used to be much more consistant. He likes his sets to be smoothly danceable for the people who are in the mood for it, and suggests ethnic beats as well as more elektro/urban stuff. In the summer 2004 he opened the Transit festival, and recently played in Paris at the Batofar, a famous place that lately opened its doors to the Psychedelic Trance.